Travelling by ship you will discover the world in another way.

Enjoy the Nordic summer dreams in Scandinavia, or immerse in the variety of the Mediterranean Sea.

Discover the East treasures or just get strength back far away from the routine on the white beaches of the Caribbean.

Let you charm by the mystical meetings with the Mayan history, the treasures of the old cultures and the colouring nature of Central America. Several excursions to land will bring you closer to the country and its inhabitants in every destination.

Meet the different cultures and their people, historical cities, landscapes that take your breath away or plunge into burning cities. Every outing will be a new experience.

And on board, just let you spoil. Enjoy the culinary delicacies of the whole world at the different restaurants. Make the most of the Wellness and Spa offers and leave your soul rocking.

You will be delighted with the different proposals for nightlife. Here you will find professional animation programs for everybody; music, dance, musical, theatre and acrobatic games. And of course, lovers of the night will be able to go to the swimming pool parties or dance at the nightclub until their feet get hurt. In this part we have summarized a selection of different routes. Write us your wishes or come to our agency and we will be glad to advise you. If you are looking for a 3-4 days cruise to nose out or 2 weeks of ocean holidays; or even for your dream travel around the world. In our worldwide offer coming from different international agents, for sure you will find your own trip.

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